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The purpose of this site is to provide readers with important factual information and rational analysis of major issues with human impact. The idea is to promote human well being and a livable planet through knowledge and understanding.

Global Connections - Image Source: - Copyright: Toria

Global Connections – Image Source: – Copyright: Toria

Global Geopolitics & Political Economy presents regularly updated analysis and information on major global issues such as the environment, peace and war, human rights, globalization, economic development, and trade, as well as the internal politics of major countries and crisis areas. The weblog is sponsored by Eurasia Research Center – Global Geopolitics Net as a non commercial educational service aimed at fostering public understanding of complex problems and issues facing the world today.

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Global Geopolitics & Political Economy is now presenting full length news articles, commentary, and analysis several times weekly. The site now carries articles from IPS – Inter Press Service News, IDN-InDepthNews, Project Syndicate,, The Jamestown Foundation, The Nation, and other sources.


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