• S. Korea’s Moon: There will be no war on Korean peninsula

    by - Aug 17, 2017
    There will be no war on the Korean peninsula, South Korean President Moon Jae-In said Thursday, saying Seoul effectively had a veto over US military action in response to the North’s nuclear and missile programmes. Tensions...
  • Experts Dismiss North Korea and U.S. War as ‘Drama’

    by - Aug 10, 2017
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump dismiss one another as irrational, warmongering heads of state, but experts say both men are more prone to theatrics than military action. After months of flexing...
  • What does North Korea want?

    by - Aug 10, 2017
    This article first appeared on openDemocracy US-led war games may look like a defensive manoeuver to us, but from North Korea‘s perspective they do not look the same. By GABRIELLE RIFKIND When the North Korea (DPRK) leadership...
  • Calling the Chinese Bully’s Bluff

    by - Aug 9, 2017
    By Brahma Chellaney NEW DELHI – The more power China has accumulated, the more it has attempted to achieve its foreign-policy objectives with bluff, bluster, and bullying. But, as its Himalayan border standoff with India’s military continues,...

Old Bridge in Mostar

Cathedral at Chernihiv Ukraine

Trinity Cathedral (17th century) in the city of Chernihiv Ukraine