Latin America

  • COLOMBIA – Colombia declares war ‘truly over’ as last FARC guns roll away

    by - Aug 16, 2017
    President Juan Manuel Santos declared Colombia’s 50-year conflict with FARC guerrillas finally over on Tuesday, as the last truckloads of decommissioned weapons rolled away to be melted down. Santos himself shut a padlock on the last...
  • Governors gone wild: Mexico faces a “lost generation” of corrupt leaders

    by - Aug 15, 2017
    Deep-set institutional corruption has led to a generation of misbehaving governors. Pixabay, CC BY-SA Luis Gómez Romero, University of Wollongong During the colonial period, the Spanish Americas were governed under the 14th-century formula, “Obedézcase, pero no...
  • Latin America rejects US military threat in Venezuela

    by - Aug 15, 2017
    Several Latin American nations have come out strongly against US President Donald Trump’s threat of military intervention to solve the ongoing political crisis in Venezuela. In surprise comments on Friday, Trump asserted a “military option” could...
  • We Weep for You, Venezuela

    by - Aug 15, 2017
    By Juan Manuel Santos BOGOTÁ – Until recently, Venezuela – the birthplace of the “Liberator” Simón Bolívar – was a free and rather wealthy country, boasting the world’s largest proven oil reserves and a marvelous people....
  • Pence tries to soften Trump’s threat of military action in Venezuela

    by - Aug 14, 2017
    WASHINGTON — Cast once again in the role of interpreter of President Trump’s comments, Vice President Mike Pence is touring Latin America and attempting to dispel his boss’ threat of military action against Venezuela. Trump on...
  • The Mexican Paradox

    by - Aug 12, 2017
    By Santiago Levy and Dani Rodrik CAMBRIDGE – Few economies pose as big a paradox as Mexico’s. Emerging from a series of macroeconomic crises in the mid-1990s, Mexico undertook bold reforms that should have put it...
  • For Venezuela, there may be no happily ever after

    by - Aug 9, 2017
    Miguel Angel Latouche, Universidad Central de Venezuela Last week, over seven million Venezuelans both at home and abroad voted against president Nicolas Maduro’s proposed Constituent Assembly, which would have empowered his administration to rewrite the country’s...
  • Venezuela: What is Maduro’s Constituent Assembly?

    by - Jul 30, 2017
    After months of protests and clashes, with more than 100 people killed, Venezuelans are being called on to choose the members of a new National Constituent Assembly that will be tasked with drafting a new constitution....

Old Bridge in Mostar

Cathedral at Chernihiv Ukraine

Trinity Cathedral (17th century) in the city of Chernihiv Ukraine