Economic Policy

  • Why are the Danes so happy? Because their economy makes sense

    by - Aug 17, 2017
    This article was originally published on Waging Nonviolence. By George Lakey The World Happiness Report puts Danes consistently in the top tier. Twice in the past four years Denmark came in first. Danes also report more...
  • The Mexican Paradox

    by - Aug 12, 2017
    By Santiago Levy and Dani Rodrik CAMBRIDGE – Few economies pose as big a paradox as Mexico’s. Emerging from a series of macroeconomic crises in the mid-1990s, Mexico undertook bold reforms that should have put it...
  • What Would It Really Take to Reverse Inequality?

    by - Aug 12, 2017
    By Chuck Collins What are the key drivers of extreme inequality? A more critical explanation for inequality is the ways in which the rules governing the economy have been distorted by power differentials and political factors....
  • Leadership Failure Perpetuates Stagnation

    by - Aug 10, 2017
    By Jomo Kwame Sundaram Jomo Kwame Sundaram, a former economics professor and United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development, received the Wassily Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought in 2007. KUALA LUMPUR ,...
  • Trump’s Infrastructure Plan? All Roads Lead To Pence — And Wall Street

    by - Aug 9, 2017
    President Donald Trump’s $1 trillion plan to rebuild America’s infrastructure may be unprecedented in its size and ambition — but it promotes a controversial model championed by Vice President Mike Pence in his home state of...
  • Trump’s Growth Charade

    by - Jul 28, 2017
    Commentary from Project Syndicate By Simon Johnson WASHINGTON, DC – Officials in President Donald Trump’s administration frequently talk about getting annual economic growth in the United States back above 3%. But they are doing more than...

Old Bridge in Mostar

Cathedral at Chernihiv Ukraine

Trinity Cathedral (17th century) in the city of Chernihiv Ukraine