• Analysis

    The Economists Who Stole Christmas

    Commentary from Project Syndicate BY YANIS VAROUFAKIS How might opposing schools of economic thought – from neoclassical and Keynesian to Libertarian and Marxist, view Christmas presents? Levity aside, the answer reveals the pompousness and vacuity of [...]
  • Commentary

    Hillary Clinton and the Scandinavian-American Dream

    Commentary from Project Syndicate This article is as relevant to today’s systemic economic imperatives as it was when it was originally published. We are republishing it here for readers of Global Geopolitics. Originally published Jul 25, [...]
  • Commentary

    Trump’s Willing Accomplices

    Commentary from Project Syndicate BY IAN BURUMA Many leading Republican politicians who stand by Donald Trump, and even the multi-billionaires who fund their campaigns, may have private misgivings about the US president, just as the industrialists [...]
  • Politics

    German far-right AfD celebrates new leadership duo

    After success in September’s elections, Germany’s anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) has something else to celebrate – a new leadership duo. Incumbent leader Jorg Meuthen was re-elected at a party congress in Hannover on Saturday. [...]
  • Geopolitics

    US pulls out of UN’s Global Compact on Migration

    The administration of President Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States from a United Nations pact to improve the handling of migrant and refugee situations, deeming it “inconsistent” with its policies, the US mission to [...]
  • Commentary

    The New Russian-US Cold War and the Korean Crisis

    Originally Published on The Jamestown Foundation By: Pavel Felgenhauer Sergei Rogov (69), pronounced earlier this month, “The crisis between Russia and the United States has reached the level equivalent to a new cold war. This Second [...]
  • Commentary

    The Economics of China’s New Era

    Commentary from Project Syndicate BY  JUSTIN YIFU LIN With the age of Western global dominance coming to an end, it is China’s time to shine. The potential is certainly there, but to realize it, President Xi [...]
  • Geopolitics

    Over 12,000 flee DR Congo unrest into Zambia: UN

    More than 12,000 people fleeing violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo have poured into Zambia this year, the United Nations said Friday, warning that aid operations there were “hugely underfunded”. DR Congo’s huge eastern [...]

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What’s next after Mueller’s first arrests?

Originally published on Defencereport. Republished with permission from the author. By Kseniya Kirillova This article is the English-translation of Kseniya Kirillova’s article which first appeared on Radio Svoboda(RFE/RL) on 1 November 2017. On Monday, former adviser to the US [...]

The Kremlin’s Bulgarian Game

Originally published on Defencereport. Republished with permission from the author. By Kseniya Kirillova In early October, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, during an official visit to Warsaw called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia, which the EU had [...]

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